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AC Repairs in Winslow Township, NJ

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Is your air conditioner not blowing as much cold air as it used to, or has it broken entirely? All American Plumbing and HVAC is here to provide the relief you’ve been looking for with our comprehensive AC repair services in Winslow Township, NJ. When the weather gets warm, your AC becomes much more than a convenience, it becomes the main line of defense for you and your family’s well-being against overheating and intense discomfort.

Don’t sweat your broken air conditioner, call All American Plumbing and HVAC to cool down today.

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Contact Us for Professional AC Installation & Repair

All American Plumbing and HVAC’s team of professional technicians have been providing AC service and repairs for years. No matter what size your air conditioning unit is, we have all of the tools and experience necessary to make your home comfortable once again. Contact our Winslow Township team to learn more about our suite of AC repair services.

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We Repair AC Units in Winslow Township

All American Plumbing and HVAC is proud to be Winslow Township’s number one name for reliable AC repairs. It doesn’t matter what the brand, size, or age of your unit is, our technicians can provide the fast and reliable fixes you need to enjoy cool air once again.

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Expert AC Replacement Services

If you require a new AC unit for your home, All American Plumbing and HVAC’s expert AC replacement services have you covered. We promise to provide the best price possible with our AC replacements, so you don’t have to pay a penny more than necessary to live comfortably in your home. We can also analyze what kind of unit would be best for your home, that way you’ll have an air conditioner that’s just right for the size of your space.

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Available AC Repair Services

Our rapid and reliable AC repair services are second to none, and with our 24/7 emergency service, you can get your unit fixed in just a few hours. From removing clogs to patching hoses, our team can take any malfunctioning aspect of your AC unit and get back in proper working condition.

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We Specialize in All AC Makes and Models

At All American Plumbing and HVAC, we pride ourselves on our versatility, and nothing makes us more versatile and dependable than our experience with a diverse range of AC unit makes and models. Whether your unit is brand new or over a decade old, our Winslow Township AC repair technicians can solve your problems fast.

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Contact All American HVAC for AC Repairs Today

If you’ve been suffering in the stifling heat of your home, contact All American HVAC for AC repairs today. Our licensed team is dedicated to your comfort, and we won’t rest until you have a home that’s cool and comfortable. Stop sweating it out, call our team for the best AC service in Winslow Township.


AC Repair FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from curious customers.

What are Common AC Problems?
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Air conditioning units can suffer a variety of issues that either diminish their performance or make them shut down entirely. Some of the most common AC issues include: A blocked air filter causing only cool air to blow out Refrigerant leaks Unit freezing up due to weather, insufficient airflow, and other factors An excessively noisy unit due to several possible mechanical issues Drainage problems caused by a clogged drain pipeline Misaligned thermostat sensor
How Do You Diagnose an Air Conditioner Problem?
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If you wish to run a diagnostic on your home air conditioner yourself, there are a few things you can look for. Checking your thermostat settings first will help you determine whether the issue is actually caused by your thermostat or the unit itself. If all seems right with the thermostat, check your AC unit for dirty air filters or vents to see if a blockage is to blame for your issues. If there are no evident problems there, inspect your air conditioner circuit breakers to rule out any possibility of an electrical problem.
Why is My AC Running but Not Cooling?
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If your AC is running but not cooling, there’s likely something wrong with your unit’s condenser coil. A blocked or clogged coil won’t properly draw heat from your home, preventing your AC from completing everything it needs to do in order to blow out cold air. Check for any dirt or debris on or around your AC’s condenser coil, and clear it out if possible to remedy the issue.
Is it Worth it to Repair an Air Conditioner?
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The value of repairing or replacing your air conditioner is similar to that of a car. If the repairs needed for your AC unit are minimal, and don’t exceed the cost of replacing the unit outright, then repairs are likely the best course of action. However, if you frequently experience issues with your AC and it has been showing signs of strain regardless of any repairs done to it, then a replacement would likely be favorable for the sake of your home and your wallet.
When Should You Replace an AC Unit?
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The best time to replace an AC unit is after it has been used for 10 years or more. After this point, repairs tend to add up and the overall efficiency of the unit begins to decline, making it more cost effective to replace it entirely.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair an AC Unit in Winslow Township?
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The cost of AC repairs in Winslow Township can vary based on numerous factors, including the extent of the repairs and the age of the unit. The typical range is between $160 and $520, but it can reach as high as $1,000. At All American Plumbing and HVAC, our team will always make sure your AC repairs are reliable and cost-effective, so you don’t have to pay anymore than what’s necessary for a cool and comfortable home.