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AC Repairs in Washington Township, NJ

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There are few better feelings than the winter cold breaking away to the balmy summer sun, but when the heat becomes too much to bear, you want an air conditioner you can rely on. Unfortunately, not every AC unit works like you might hope, and that’s where All American Plumbing and HVAC can help with our extensive AC repair services in Washington Township, NJ. We’re here to make your home cool and comfortable again, so you can enjoy the summer without sweating the entire season out.

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Washington Township trusts our team with all of its AC repair needs because we have the expertise to resolve a wide range of issues. From small adjustments to major corrections, All American Plumbing and HVAC won’t let anything come between you and a properly climate-controlled home. If you’re experiencing complications with your AC unit, schedule professional AC service and repairs with All American today.

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We Repair AC Units in Washington Township

All American Plumbing and HVAC is Washington Township’s premiere name for rapid and dependable AC repairs. Whether you’ve had the same unit for years, or it was just recently installed, our technicians can deliver the service you need to make your space comfortable on the warmest of days.

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AC Replacement Services by Experts

If your home needs an entirely new AC unit, All American Plumbing and HVAC in Washington Township has you covered with our expert replacement services. We pride ourselves on providing the best prices possible with our AC replacements, so you don’t have to break the bank just to have a home you can cool off in during the summer. As part of our replacement services, our technicians will analyze what kind of unit would be best for your home, that way you’ll have an air conditioner that’s cost-effective and suits the needs of your space.

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Our Available AC Repairs

All American’s AC repair services are built around quality, ensuring all of your issues are thoroughly addressed the first time. And with our 24/7 service, we can send a skilled technician to your house in just a few hours to remedy any clogged vents, leaking hoses, and many other malfunctions.

If your AC unit is experiencing any of the following, our repair services in Washington Township can help:

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We Specialize in All Makes and Models of AC Units

Everyone’s air conditioner is unique, that’s why All American Plumbing and HVAC specializes in all makes and models of AC units. It doesn’t matter when or where you got your air conditioner, if it has something wrong with it, our skilled technicians in Washington Township will be able to get cool air blowing back into your house in no time.

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Low AC Repair Prices in Washington Township

We know how stressful it can be when your AC isn’t working like it should, and the last thing our team wants to do is add on to that stress with exorbitant prices. All American Plumbing and HVAC believes in fair, reasonable pricing, so you can have your comfortable and cool home back without breaking the bank.


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Your living room doesn’t have to feel like a sauna, contact All American HVAC for AC comprehensive repairs today. Our licensed team is committed to your comfort, and we won’t rest until you can live in a home that’s properly cooled at all times. Wipe that sweat away for the last time, call our technicians for Washington Township’s best in AC repairs and service.

AC Repair FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from curious customers.

How Can I Diagnose an AC Problem?
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If your AC isn’t working and you want to run your own diagnostic, there are a number of things to look for. First, check your thermostat settings to rule out whether or not the issue is actually with your thermostat. If all is good there, check your AC unit for clogged filters or vents and clean any blockages to see if that resolves your problems. If your AC still isn’t blowing cold air after this, inspect your air conditioner circuit breakers to rule out any electrical issues.
What are the Most Common AC Problems?
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AC units can experience a litany of problems that either reduce their performance or make them completely shut down. Some of the most common air conditioner issues include: A blocked air filter causing only cool air to blow out Refrigerant leaks Unit freezing up due to weather, insufficient airflow, and other factors An excessively noisy unit due to several possible mechanical issues Drainage problems caused by a clogged drain pipeline A misaligned thermostat sensor
Why is My AC Not Cold?
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If your AC is running but cold air isn’t coming out, the main culprit is likely your unit’s condenser coil. A blocked or clogged coil prevents your AC from completing all of the steps it needs to provide cold air to your home, resulting in air that’s just cool but not as effective at eliminating the heat. If you notice any dirt or debris on or around your AC’s condenser coil, clear it out if possible and wait to see if the temperature of the air blowing through your house improves.
Should I Replace an AC Unit Before It Breaks?
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Determining when to replace an AC unit can be tricky, but it’s usually best to base the decision on how old the unit is, and how much you would spend on repairs. If your unit is relatively new and has only ever required minimal maintenance, then it’s likely best to keep it for a few more years. However, if your AC has been in use for 10 years or more, it’s typically recommended that you replace it with a new model as they can significantly decrease in efficiency after this point.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair an AC Unit in Washington Township?
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The cost of repairing an AC unit in Washington Township usually ranges from $160 to $520, but it can vary depending on a number of factors. If your repairs are especially extensive and your unit is particularly old, the price can reach as high as about $1,000. At All American Plumbing and HVAC, our team does everything it can to make sure your AC repairs are reliable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about paying for frequent expenses just to keep your unit running.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair an AC Unit in Winslow Township?
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The cost of AC repairs in Winslow Township can vary based on numerous factors, including the extent of the repairs and the age of the unit. The typical range is between $160 and $520, but it can reach as high as $1,000. At All American Plumbing and HVAC, our team will always make sure your AC repairs are reliable and cost-effective, so you don’t have to pay anymore than what’s necessary for a cool and comfortable home.