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AC Repairs in Moorestown, NJ

If You’re In Need of AC Repair, Don’t Hesitate. Contact Us Today at (856) 696-3052 For AC Repairs in Moorestown & Surrounding Areas.

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AC Installations in Moorestown, NJ

All American servicing Moorestown, NJ residents with unbeatable AC installations for over a decade. Our professional technicians will get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to feeling normal. Some of the other services we have to offer for your AC unit installation are:

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Moorestown Air Conditioner Repairs

Our knowledgeable professionals are skilled at repairing any kind of AC unit. In addition to our quick response time, our experienced technicians can fix air conditioning units that are experiencing the following:

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AC Replacements

At All American, we make it a point to hire only the best-licensed technicians. Specifically, all of our employees are trained in the following:

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We Service All Makes & Models

Our AC repairmen know how to service all makes and models of AC units. When you work with All American, you rest assured knowing that we will get the job done.

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Unbeatable Prices For AC Repairs in Moorestown

All American is proud to offer 0% financing options to Moorestown, NJ residents. We are also pleased to provide the best prices possible to our valued clients.

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Call All American HVAC For AC Repairs in Moorestown

If you’re located in Moorestown, NJ, and are looking for an AC repair or installation service, contact our office today at (856) 696-3052. Our experienced technicians will provide you with a free quote and get your repair scheduled. 

Air Conditioner FAQ

Why is My AC Running But Not Cooling?
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If your AC is turning on and pushing through air, but this air is not cooling correctly, then this could be a sign that you have a blocked AC compressor, a frozen radiator coil, or need a replacement part.

First, check your primary air filter. If it is dirty, it may compromise airflow over the evaporating coil. This situation results in the air not being able to be adequately cooled. If the filter isn’t the issue, see if your outdoor compressor’s air intake has any blockage like weeds, leaves, or other debris. This can result in a reduction of airflow and a feeling that the air is not cooling properly.

If none of these DIY remedies work, then it's time to call in a professional.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair An AC Unit?
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The average range of repair costs for an AC unit in the US is between $165 and $583. However, depending on the service area, the parts and labor, and the severity of the issue, the price can be much lower or higher.
How Do I Reset My AC?
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If turning your AC off and on again with your thermostat doesn’t appear to fix the issue, then you can try a manual reset on the outdoor air compressor. Most units have a large red button that acts as a reset button. Press this and wait about thirty minutes and press again. This will completely reset your AC system.
How Do I Know If My Home AC Compressor Is Working?
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Trust us -- if it's the dead of Summer, you will know. Additionally, you may be able to tell something is wrong by listening to your AC unit. If there are strange or unusual sounds, this can indicate that there is a problem.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair an AC Unit in Moorestown?
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The average cost for AC repairs in NJ is $356. However, this could vary based on the specifics of the issue.